Pucallpa, Peru 2012

Peru Mission Trip: September 20 - 30, 2012
We have reached are fundraising goal!!!!
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Kate and I will be leading a trip to Pucallpa Peru again this year. Kate will once again be leading a sewing class and we can continue the work we have done in the past 5 years.  We will be updating the blog on the fund-raising process begins.  You can read more below to learn more about our ministry in Pucallpa.  If you would like to donate to this years team please click here and select the Pucallpa, Peru 2012 team and then select Jeremy or Kate Morris, or unassigned and type in the notes who you would like the donation to go to.  We will also be selling T-Shirts and as soon as I have a picture I will put it up on this site. Please check out this video from 2011 and thank you for your interest in our trip.

Kate and I have spent the last 5 summers leading a mission trip to the Jungles of Pucallpa working with Tom & Rita Hough and the CCB Bible Institute.  Kate and I met on the trip the first year we were down there, and every year since we have led a team to work with the students. 

Kate teaches the ladies of the institute how to sew.  The second year students get to attend her classes and have learned how to sew things like pot holders, shirts, bags, and skirts.  I have led a construction team that has built trusses for a roof, build a brick 2nd floor ceiling, and laid concrete for the last three years. 

Our lives have been changed by our experiences in Peru and we have made new lifelong friends who we now consider family.  Please take a chance to check out the work that the Hough’s are doing in Peru, and consider joining us for a trip in the near future.

USA Teams Peru Website - http://02c19b3.netsolhost.com/blog1/overseas-projects/peru/c-c-b

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