Monday, August 3, 2009

New Set of Wheels

We have 4 new wheels - 2 Bikes that is

Jeremy and I are getting back on the bike. We bought two new bikes from Craig's List. We plan on riding them around town. We want to cut down on gas, help the environment and get a little exercise. Both bikes have baskets for all our shopping trips - it will cut down on what we can buy!

I foresee many Publix runs, target trips (please open soon), CityPlace strolls and rides to church (once the weather gets cooler).
Jeremy's Bike

A Vintage 1960's Schwin

Kate's Bike

It has a bell and a basket. The basket can be removed for all my shopping trips!!!
We have already ventured to CityPlace and Home Depot. Look out for us around town.

Family Visit

We were so happy to have some guests for our guest room.

Jeremy's brother Keith and his family came to WPB for a couple day stay. Both Keith and Stacy are teachers and are enjoying their last few weeks of no work. They came to visit for two days and we loved having them. Little Miss Abby - now 1 years old - has grown so much and it was great to see how big she is getting. I think out of Jeremy, Abby Dog and myself, baby Abby liked dog Abby the most. (I just said Abby a bunch - the down side of adopting a dog and not picking the name!)

While they were here we made fajitas, went to the beach and out to dinner.
Keith, Stacy and Abby
Keith and Abby

Mommy and Abby playing and having fun.

Abby laughing at dog Abby

I am normally the Aunt who never takes pictures. So during this trip I made up for it.
Here are a few that I loved.

This is the "please don't try to hold me" look

Thanks for Visiting Us!!!!!
Please come again.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adding to the Family

Abby Cemente Morris
Jeremy and I are the proud new parents of a Golden Retriever.
On July 8th, we got a new dog. Abby is a six year old female Golden Retriever.
We are Abby's third family; her last family was splitting apart and could no longer keep her. So we drove to Parkland, FL to meet her and fell in love. She came home and fit right in.
She has already met the family and small groups and just loves everyone she meets. Abby is so friendly we are afraid she might just leave with anyone!
We are very happy to have her in our lives!
Here are a few pictures of our new little girl - we are such proud parents!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

The Drive Home

The Drive home was one of my favorite parts of our trip. I decided to drive and let Jeremy navigate. There was a back roads shortcut he wanted to find... and of course he did. The back roads were so pristine and quite. It was early in the morning and so peaceful. This one area had a big open field with the mountains in the background. I just loved it and stopped to take this picture.
Shortly after this picture we were driving and saw a sign for a Giraffe Crossing!!!! It was the funniest thing I could have imaged to find on this back road. I wish I turned out to take a picture, but I guess words will have to do.

Once we got back on the "Highway" we went back through Caesar's Head mountain. What a fun and crazy drive! At the end we took one last stop to take in the mountains.

We had a wonderful trip to Cashier's NC!

Mr. & Mrs. Rick & Lauren Perez

Lauren and Rick wed on June 13th. It was such a blessing to be there and share in their wedding.

Lauren and I went to Catawba College together. We became even closer when we were flatmates in London when we did our semester abroad – and we even managed not to kill each other in that tiny room! Lauren and Rick live in Downtown Atlanta. They are kind enough to open their fabulous condo for me every time I go to the AtlantaMart for work. Lauren is the type of friend who is good about keeping in touch. So it is great to have those friends who you are still involved in their lives years later. It meant so much to have both Rick and Lauren at our wedding and we would not have missed their either!
The Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Backdrop

The Ceremony

The Happy Couple

The Girls - (L-R) Emily - My Senior Year of College roommate, Fiona - London study abroad classmate who lives in Boston, Lauren - the Bride! Roommate in London and Me!

London Girls
Our Fourth London Girls member could not make it. But Anna was there in Spirit!

Fiona and John -
they are a great couple and we loved spending time with them. Come down and see us soon!!!!

Mr. & Mrs. Morris

Lauren had a great band at the wedding - her goal was to have everyone dancing. So of course us girls had to get out there. We attempted to recreate our London days!!!!

We had a blast! Lauren your wedding was beautiful and we wish you all the blessings that marriage brings.

Hiking and Sliding

Jeremy and I ventured out in the North Carolina Mountains and did a little hiking and rock sliding. It was a beautiful day and we loved taking in nature (not very like me!)

We went to this new state park area. There is a series of 4 waterfalls all on one hike. Before you were able to access the waterfalls from the road, but now the park forces you to drive to the very bottom, park and then hike up. It was quite a long hike - the trail was packed with people decked out in hiking and proper gear and then there was Jeremy and I in tennis shoes and bathing suits!
The first little waterfall
The Second Waterfall - NOT slide-able!

Third Waterfall - Turtle Back Falls
A Great Sliding Rock

Jeremy had been here before while Aram and Julie lived in NC. His goal for the trip was to come and slide again.

And off Jeremy goes. Climbing up the rock

Made it to the top. Now figuring out how to cross

Easy does it

And he is ready to go.

Sliding Down!

and in the water.

Side view of Turtle Back Falls

When we went hiking we had lunch plans with Fiona and John at 1pm. We made it to the falls at 12:30 and there was at least an hour hike back. So there was no time for multiple slides.... and no time to hike back.
Instead we hiked further up the mountain and found

The Fourth Waterfall

From there we hiked straight up to the road. From the road we hitched hiked a ride from a towing truck - he took us to the entrance of the park. At the entrance of the park we bummed another ride from a car going into the park. Jeremy was wet from the slide, so he stayed and I drove down with the couple and their son to fetch the car. After all that we were 30+ minutes late for lunch! Not too bad for a morning!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Carolina on our Drive

On June 10th Jeremy and I set out for North Carolina to attend Lauren & Rick's wedding. We broke up the 12 hour drive with a couple of visits. Our first pit stop was Jacksonville and stayed with Keith, Stacy & Abby (Jeremy's brother and family). The next day we drove to South Carolina to see Jeremy's Cousin Chris and his daughter. Finally on Friday we started the drive to the Mountains of North Carolina.

The drive is just Beautiful. The winding roads are slow and intense, but was rewarding with the views.
Caesar's Head

Jeremy stretching and taking in the views

Elevation at Caesar's Head

A waterfall on the side of the road - we kinda over the road

Kate under the waterfall

That's us! so much for asking others to take a picture

Side view - it was so pretty!

Looks live a post card or in a magazine

Our Destination
Cashiers, North Carolina