Monday, August 3, 2009

Family Visit

We were so happy to have some guests for our guest room.

Jeremy's brother Keith and his family came to WPB for a couple day stay. Both Keith and Stacy are teachers and are enjoying their last few weeks of no work. They came to visit for two days and we loved having them. Little Miss Abby - now 1 years old - has grown so much and it was great to see how big she is getting. I think out of Jeremy, Abby Dog and myself, baby Abby liked dog Abby the most. (I just said Abby a bunch - the down side of adopting a dog and not picking the name!)

While they were here we made fajitas, went to the beach and out to dinner.
Keith, Stacy and Abby
Keith and Abby

Mommy and Abby playing and having fun.

Abby laughing at dog Abby

I am normally the Aunt who never takes pictures. So during this trip I made up for it.
Here are a few that I loved.

This is the "please don't try to hold me" look

Thanks for Visiting Us!!!!!
Please come again.

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