Monday, August 3, 2009

New Set of Wheels

We have 4 new wheels - 2 Bikes that is

Jeremy and I are getting back on the bike. We bought two new bikes from Craig's List. We plan on riding them around town. We want to cut down on gas, help the environment and get a little exercise. Both bikes have baskets for all our shopping trips - it will cut down on what we can buy!

I foresee many Publix runs, target trips (please open soon), CityPlace strolls and rides to church (once the weather gets cooler).
Jeremy's Bike

A Vintage 1960's Schwin

Kate's Bike

It has a bell and a basket. The basket can be removed for all my shopping trips!!!
We have already ventured to CityPlace and Home Depot. Look out for us around town.

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  1. Kate! So glad to find you in blog world. Love your cute family - dog included;)