Friday, July 10, 2009

Carolina on our Drive

On June 10th Jeremy and I set out for North Carolina to attend Lauren & Rick's wedding. We broke up the 12 hour drive with a couple of visits. Our first pit stop was Jacksonville and stayed with Keith, Stacy & Abby (Jeremy's brother and family). The next day we drove to South Carolina to see Jeremy's Cousin Chris and his daughter. Finally on Friday we started the drive to the Mountains of North Carolina.

The drive is just Beautiful. The winding roads are slow and intense, but was rewarding with the views.
Caesar's Head

Jeremy stretching and taking in the views

Elevation at Caesar's Head

A waterfall on the side of the road - we kinda over the road

Kate under the waterfall

That's us! so much for asking others to take a picture

Side view - it was so pretty!

Looks live a post card or in a magazine

Our Destination
Cashiers, North Carolina

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