Friday, July 17, 2009

Hiking and Sliding

Jeremy and I ventured out in the North Carolina Mountains and did a little hiking and rock sliding. It was a beautiful day and we loved taking in nature (not very like me!)

We went to this new state park area. There is a series of 4 waterfalls all on one hike. Before you were able to access the waterfalls from the road, but now the park forces you to drive to the very bottom, park and then hike up. It was quite a long hike - the trail was packed with people decked out in hiking and proper gear and then there was Jeremy and I in tennis shoes and bathing suits!
The first little waterfall
The Second Waterfall - NOT slide-able!

Third Waterfall - Turtle Back Falls
A Great Sliding Rock

Jeremy had been here before while Aram and Julie lived in NC. His goal for the trip was to come and slide again.

And off Jeremy goes. Climbing up the rock

Made it to the top. Now figuring out how to cross

Easy does it

And he is ready to go.

Sliding Down!

and in the water.

Side view of Turtle Back Falls

When we went hiking we had lunch plans with Fiona and John at 1pm. We made it to the falls at 12:30 and there was at least an hour hike back. So there was no time for multiple slides.... and no time to hike back.
Instead we hiked further up the mountain and found

The Fourth Waterfall

From there we hiked straight up to the road. From the road we hitched hiked a ride from a towing truck - he took us to the entrance of the park. At the entrance of the park we bummed another ride from a car going into the park. Jeremy was wet from the slide, so he stayed and I drove down with the couple and their son to fetch the car. After all that we were 30+ minutes late for lunch! Not too bad for a morning!

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