Saturday, May 23, 2009


A couple of weeks ago I went out to Lake Placid to set up a new store account ~ The Blueberry Patch ~ it is a great little gift shop. When I was out there, I decided to "surprise" Lilly and pick her up from school. Lilly is so smart that she figured out I was picking her up before I even arrived (she over heard her mom and I talking on the phone about it).

When I picked her up we of course played "our song" (Keith Urban Tu Compania) and then talked about her day. When we were driving home we talked about animals and she asked if I had turtles in my back yard. I told her that they were in the lake but I never saw them on land.

About 2 days later Trotter was out back barking at the fence. I walked out and saw........ a turtle.

This turtle came up just to say hi to Lilly. I snap a couple of pictures to share with her.

Lilly make sure to come over and turtle hunt with me.

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