Saturday, September 22, 2012

Handbags and Rebar

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There are several things in life that are universal: the desire for food, water, shelter and a woman's desire for an adorable handbag. Today we kicked off our work projects, in earnest, with the ladies teaching several of the local pastors' wives how to sew handbags; the ladies were thrilled to learn a skill that is useful and profitable while also allowing them to create something they love. While the ladies were teaching useful life skills, the men worked hard at the Bible Institute preparing the entrance to have concrete poured early next week. The men cut, laced and tied rebar together after carefully leveling the ground. While working at the institute, several of the men had an opportunity to meet and get to know a student by the name of Wilart who is in his first year. Wilart was excited to meet the team and to have an opportunity to hone his English language skills; he told the team about the tension he feels, as his family does not support his decision to become Christ follower and pastor.  We pray that God will continue to strengthen him and prepare him for a life of service, especially as he continues to minister and share the gospel with his family and village.

As a team, we are excited to worship tomorrow at a local congregation, knowing that worshipping God transcends all language barriers and cultural differences. We are also excited to continue the different work projects and continue to develop the relationships between our team members and our partners as we work towards advancing their vision and mission to reach previously unreached people groups with the gospel and to continue to develop strong, capable, national leaders to reach their own villages.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer as we continue our work projects that they will be helpful and useful to our partners and that we will be safe while working.  Pray for our partner, Tom, as he faithfully works to share the gospel with the people of Pucallpa as well as unreached people living in the jungle.

Pray for the Indians, attending the Bible Institute, as they return for classes Sunday September 30.








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