Monday, September 24, 2012

monday, day 4

The Peruvian people, especially those we are working with, are very stoic. However, when the local ladies we are working with finished their purses this evening, in the sewing room, it was near impossible for them to not want to take model-posed glamour shots. Needless to say, the ladies of our team were happy to oblige. Our team was encouraged to further develop the relationships with these women, especially since several of the women have been working with these local women for several years during this trip; and of course, they loved to pose like models for pictures with their brand new handbags.

The men worked hard pouring sections for new sidewalks, and an entrance to the institute. In Peru, one mixes the concrete with only a shovel; needless to say, the guys are a little sore but feeling more than a little accomplished.

One of the more interesting, and encouraging things, about the day was the opportunity we had to interact with different people. The construction team had a great chance to play soccer with some of the children staying at in the institute's lodging rooms. It was neat to see the children smile, and laugh and have a great time doing something as simple as kicking a flat soccer ball, on a dirt field.

            Regardless of the work projects we accomplish, what we teach the local people, what we accomplish to assist our partner; the most important thing we continue to do is to build relationships, to share God's love across language barriers, and to show the Indians and the Peruvians the gospel, with our actions transcending language barriers.

            Another incredibly encouraging thing is the way we interact as a team. Each evening, around 8:00 we get together to have Bible study, and just talk about the day and the different things we took away from it. It is nice to see the different perspectives our team brings to the discussion, and the way we constantly encourage and lift up one another. God is a great God, and has put this team together on purpose, for a purpose; it becomes more and more obvious each day.

            Please continue to pray for our safety and health as we are continuing on our work projects. Please also pray that God will continue to put people in our paths for us to interact with and love on and share the story and love of Christ with. 

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