Monday, July 30, 2012

6th Peru Mission Trip

 Jeremy and I are so excited to be heading back to Pucallpa, Peru this September.  We typically lead the trip in June, but this year it got moved to the end of September - God must have known we needed the extra time!  Plus the Christ Fellowship is rolling out a new Mission Model, so we are now aligning our trip with their new format..... meaning - cultivating life mission minded team members, raising more funds to significantly impact the local regions, going more often, and increasing resources and impact.  Really, the things Jeremy and I have been praying about for 5 years.  It has also been exciting to go through their new trainings and finding that our way of doing missions pretty much align with their goals - so it has been a huge blessing all the way around.  So with all this long wordiness, I am trying to say we are heading back to Peru and are super excited. 

 Please read my support letter below!

Dear Friends and Family,
This year has been an exciting time for Jeremy and myself.  Many of you have followed along with our organ donation journey and the successful kidney transplant surgery on February 21st.  The entire donation story can be found on our blog at  Since the surgery, both Jeremy and Ashley have recovered wonderfully.  There has been a few setbacks, but we are so blessed that both of them are healthy!  Throughout this entire processes we have felt God's presence and protection and we know this journey is just another part of God's plan for our lives.      
It is amazing to think that the kidney donation story started over 5 years ago in Peru.  Really it was that first trip to Pucallpa that was a catalyst for change in both Jeremy and my life.  It is where I met my future husband and watched the friendship between Jeremy and Ashley begin.  It is amazing to reflect on how our work in Peru has furthered God's kingdom and significantly impacted our lives.  So with much joy and excitement, Jeremy and I are heading back to Pucallpa, Peru for the sixth straight year.  As we return to Peru, we want to share with you the ministry that God has laid on our hearts.   
This year we are leading a team of 14 members  on September 20th – 30thAgain this year we will be going through Christ Fellowship and partnering with United Servants Abroad, a ministry that focuses its efforts in the jungles of Peru through medical care, and Bible and leadership training.  The Bible Institute in Pucallpa trains couples, in a two year program, to reach remote villages through discipleship and church plantings. Our mission trip will be focused on the construction and sewing needs of the institute.  The construction team will likely be completing the third story expansion of the Chapel.  The sewing room has two focuses;  Making curtains and sewing lessons for the Indians.
Jeremy and I have been so touched this year by the out pouring of your love and support.  Throughout the kidney donation, we knew we had a strong network of people praying over us.  As we plan to return to Peru, we ask for your prayer and support again.  We truly appreciate all those who have supported us since our first trip and those who have come along side us these past six years.  As this trip comes together, we know it is only possible through Christ.  We ask that you pray for this mission trip, for our whole team, safety and for the work to be done.
           In addition to your pray, financial contributions will also help our mission.  As a team, our goal is to raise over $28,000.  We are each required to raise $2,000 to fund our portion of the trip.  We have increased the cost of the trip per person so that the funds of the trip can better serve the mission of Pucallpa.  Donations can be made to each individual team member through online giving or donations to Christ Fellowship Life Missions. 
            We will also be selling T-Shirts again this year.  The design and details will be posted on our blog in the next week or so.  We will also be posting updates and status of our trip HERE on our website.  
Thank you for your continuous love and support.  Jeremy and I cannot express enough how much we appreciated our friends and family this year.  We know that God has and can do great things in and through our lives.  And each step of the way, we have been blessed by your kindness and support.  We look forward to sharing more of the exciting ministry in Pucallpa and the ways God continues to move in our lives.     

Donations are accepted through a secure site on the Christ Fellowship Website.  When making the donation, please choose “Peru-Pucallpa Mission Trip 2012” and then select the team member you wish to support.  Not every team member has been added to the donation site, so you may choose "Unassigned" and write Kate & Jeremy Morris in the Memo line.

You may also makes checks out to Christ Fellowship with a blank memo line.  Please mail checks with an attached note stating Pucallpa Peru Mission trip and the team member name.  Checks can be mailed to:

Christ Fellowship
Attn. Life Missions Department – Peru
5343 Northlake Blvd
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418
Donation Page

or Click HERE

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