Monday, July 9, 2012

Telogen Effluvium = New Hair Style

Back in mid June, Ashley received another diagnosis - Telogen Effluvium. Telogen effluvium is a form of acute-onset, nonscarring alopecia that causes massive hair loss. It's brought on by stress/trauma.  I think the fight for the transplant, the surgery and several months of pain afterwards qualifies one under the stress/trauma category. 

The bad news of Telogen Effluvium is that Ashley is losing her hair.  Before her transplant, one of her medications caused extreme hair growth.... now she is having hair loss.  The poor girl can't win either way.

So a week or so ago, Ashely got an adorable hair cut! 

 And to Ashley's true form - she made the most of it.... even sporting some colorful wigs.

This hair cut is close to the same style she had back when she met Jeremy for the first time in Peru.  Here is a picture from that very first mission trip to Peru in 2007

Even with the new short hair cut..... it was time to shave it all off.  So on Saturday, the 7th it was wig shopping and shaving day!!!!

Here Ashley is getting ready to have her Brother-in-Law Billy shave all that fluff

Ashley with NO HAIR!!!

Ashley and her sister Kelly had a fun time shopping for wigs.  She tried on several and ended up with an adorable new Hair Style! 
I think it is a great look for this Kidney Cutie

There are more pictures on Facebook if you want to check them out HERE


  1. Ashley is beautiful in every picture above...with hair or without!!

  2. Loved seeing the two of you way back when!

  3. If it isn't something!?! Is the alopecia permanent?

  4. Ashley, you just can't catch a break! But you are such an inspiration to those around you. When I see your smiles even after all you've been through, tears well up in my eyes because of my admiration for you and the strength you show. Love the hair and love you, too, beautiful girl! Stay strong! :)