Sunday, July 22, 2012

Pucallpa, Peru 2012 Support Letter

Kate and I once again will be leading a team from Christ Fellowship Cityplace to the jungles of Pucallpa, Peru.  We will be leaving on Sept. 20th and returning on Sept. 30th.  I have attached a copy of my support letter, please take a read and let me know if you have any questions.

Looking back on the last few years, it is amazing to see the work God has done in Kate and my life.
For those of you who don't know I donated a Kidney to Kate's best friend from College Ashley Quinones on Feb. 21st. If you would like to learn more I blogged about the whole process and you can check it out at our website
  It was over 5 years in the making as the first time I met Ashley was when I met Kate on the first trip to Peru.  It is hard to believe that it has been that long, and that the plan that God had for the three of us when he sent us on that trip.  I could have never imagined that I would have met my future wife on that trip as well as have an opportunity to be an integral part of something as amazing as an organ donation.  I feel incredibly humbled that God chose to turn my life around and use me in this way so that he can hopefully be Glorified in my life. I can only imagine if this is what year 5 since that trip looks like, what year 10, 15 or 20 might look like.
2 Thessalonian 1:12 "We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, 
and you in him, according to the grace of our God and Lord Jesus Christ"
This summer we will be going on our sixth mission trip to Pucallpa, Peru. It is such a blessing to know that God not only brought us together through this mission trip but He also gave us a passion for Peru.  As we continue back to Peru, we want to share the ministry God has laid on our hearts.
Kate and I will be leading this year's mission trip to Pucallpa, Peru on Sept 20th through Sept 30th. This is the fifth year we will be leading, and God has blessed us with our largest and most diverse team yet.  The team of 14 people is from the Cityplace Campus of Christ Fellowship Church.  We have four members who will be returning for the 3rd time,  and this will be everyone else first time to Pucallpa.
Again this year we will be working with United Servants Abroad, a ministry that focuses its efforts in the jungles of Peru through medical care, and Bible and leadership training.  The Bible Institute in Pucallpa trains couples, in a two year program, to reach remote villages through discipleship and church plantings. Our mission trip will be focused on the construction and sewing needs of the institute.  The construction team will likely be laying a third story concrete floor, tile work and painting.  The sewing room has two focuses.  Making curtains, which serve as the couples' only privacy in shared rooms and are often used as their towels, tissues and napkins.  And sewing lessons for the Indians, and more specifically making shorts and shirts.     
Kate and I have been so blessed by all of your prayers and support throughout the years.  As this trip comes together, we know it is only possible through Christ.  We ask that you pray for this mission trip, for each team member, for flexibility in such a large group, safety and that we will glorify God through it all. In addition, I seek your prayers for Kate and myself as we lead this trip. Please specifically pray that we will have the discernment to lead this large group in a successful manner; and that we will be a faithful witness to our team and the people of Peru.
           In addition to your pray, financial contributions will also help our mission.  As a team, our goal is to raise nearly $28,000.  We are each required to raise monies to fund our portion of the trip. We do take a team approach to fundraising, so any additional monies contributed will benefit the entire team. Any surplus funds raised beyond the total expenses for the team will be given to the ministries in Peru.  Donations can be made to each individual team member through online giving or donations to Christ Fellowship.  Please click on online giving and select Pucallpa, Peru 2012, Kate or my name from the list to make a donation, if neither of our names are there please select unassigned and put our names in the notes section. 
    We will also be selling T-Shirts again which you will be able to find at our website we will also keep you updated of the status of our trip here as well.
Thank you for your continuous love and support. I know that Kate's and my life have been and will again be blessed by your kindness. I look forward to sharing with you all the memories and accomplishments of this mission trip, and the glorious ways God was revealed.     

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