Wednesday, January 25, 2012

3rd Anniversary

Since I have been following along with all of Jeremy’s posts (and no I have not been proof reading them before he posts), I have had some things to add or comment about. It is funny how he does not even know all the details of his firsthand account. So I thought I would add a few words about the whole proposal and wedding – and add those much requested pictures. And being that it is our 3rd anniversary today, I thought it would be fitting.

The story of how we met, started dating, got engaged and then our wedding day is quite the fairy tale. Jeremy did not go into all the sappy details in his past posts. But it is truly amazing to see how God brought each one of us to a place where we were ready for each other. The first Peru mission trip was a big changing point for both Jeremy and me. I am so thankful that we both stepped out in faith to go on that trip.

While on that first trip in Peru, the turning point in our relationship came on the last day. I wanted to go back and do some final sewing (go figure), so Jeremy volunteered to escort me. Next, our team jumped on a plane back to Lima; during the flight I got a little sick. Then on our bus ride I laid down in the back row. And who do you think came and sat with me? Oh yeah, Jeremy – taking one for the team. As we made our way to the coast, Jeremy told me I had to sit up to see the view. So he put his arm around me to help me sit up…. And he never took his arm away. What a smooth guy.

A year later we were back in Lima, Peru. Everyone, I mean everyone on the trip thought we were going to get engaged. But no ring appeared while we were on the mission trip. The day after we returned to the states, Jeremy suggested we go to dinner since we didn’t officially celebrate our anniversary. I suggested The River House (my favorite restaurant) and he agreed. I knew something was up – he would never normally agree to an expensive meal like that. After dinner we drove along the coast and ended up at the jetty. Now at this point I was really suspicious. We had never been back there since our first date and first kiss. So we were standing at the end of the jetty for what felt like forever. The whole time I was thinking – he is going to ask me! But time kept passing on. There was a guy fishing, a father & daughter trying to catch crabs and people standing all around us. By the time I came to the conclusion that nothing was going to happen and that standing on a jetty was his idea of romance (ugh) he said “I can’t wait any longer”. He then dropped to one knee and asked. After all the waiting I was so excited to say YES.  (ps... above are the shoes that first caught his eye)

The ring – oh the beautiful ring. It was perfect and so beautiful. Jeremy and I did not talk about rings or marriage (we like the element of surprise), so good thing he went to Ashley. I had confided in her that I had a dream about a wedding ring with polka dots. And Jeremy knowing me so well – he knew pink would have to be involved. I think Ashley also steered him towards white gold; I am forever thankful!

Now our wedding day was wonderful. Don’t get me wrong, we had more than our fair share of mishaps. Like our reception location moving the morning of our wedding. Small things like that. But it was a beautiful afternoon that we got to spend with our closes friends and family – all 225 of them!

Ashley was one of my bridesmaids. I was so blessed to have her stand next to me while I married such a special man. She came down a couple of days early to help with the final details. She also helped my sisters plan a much talked about bachelorette party. Ashley was actually the last person I shared a room with before I became a married woman – now that is a friendship.

I am sure Jeremy will be back again tomorrow to continue the journey to the kidney donations. But before I go…. Here are our wedding vows. Now you all know them and will have to quiz us on them.

Our Vows

I Promise to pursue my relationship with God as my number one priority. I will make sure nothing else takes His place in my life.

I promise not to look to you as my source of contentment, but let God meet my needs and trust Him regardless of our circumstances.

I promise to look at our life together as having one purpose, that is, that we will serve God and follow Him together wherever He leads us.

I will unconditionally accept your feelings; and approach you knowing whatever you say is out of love.

I promise to tell you the truth and I promise to accept the truth from you. I will make sure that it’s always safe to talk to me. I promise not to hurt you with unkind words.

I promise to be quick to forgive, and once I’ve forgiven you I promise to never bring it up again.

I understand the perils of expectations and promise to communicate them openly and not require you to meet them.

I promise to support you and put your needs and wants ahead of my needs and wants.

I promise to try and always see you the way that Gods does: Forgiven, Whole and Treasured.

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