Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Did I leave anything else to write?

So after having 24 hours to stew on the idea of writing this blog daily I have began to doubt myself, wondering if I just threw my best pitch and am going to have to finish this with a bunch of junk pitches (sorry for the baseball metaphor). 

I appreciate all the positive responses I received on facebook and email, they really have been uplifting to keep me going, but I can’t help but wondering if it is just people being nice.  I guess the problem is I’m so used to getting yelled at during sports that I don’t know what to do with positive reinforcement and I start wondering.  Am I the kid that keeps playing because everyone is afraid to tell him he isn’t any good (back to sports analogies).
Finally I decided a good writer has to have the mentality of a defensive back, if you get beat on one play it doesn’t matter you just have to go out and play the next one (ok I promise I am done with the sports references).   
So where did I leave off? 
We came back from Peru, and I had formed some amazing new relationships.  I was in a men’s bible study, I had a date with a beautiful girl, and my life was looking up. 
Hold on let me take a step back a minute, let’s talk about how Ashley helped Kate and I get together.  On one of the last days in Pucallpa (or maybe in the airport in Lima), Ashley and I were walking and talking and as Ashley is known to do, she just made some wise remark about how I seemed to be interested in Kate.  I think I tried to be funny and say something about how did Ashley know I wasn’t interested in her since I had spent about as much time with her, and she just laughed and told me not to waste my time, she was too good for me.  Then as any confident man would do, I asked “well do you think she likes me, I thought maybe she liked Stephen?”  Ashley told me that Stephen was too short for Kate (sorry if your reading this Stephen), and that was all the confidence I needed to make the next step with Kate.  So if I have never said it Ashley THANKS for the nudge.
So now we are back in the states, and the first night we were back LTQENUIKP (Los teamos Quatros, es numero uno, Inca Kola, Pantalones), went out for some Karaoke at Foster’s Lounge, I will post some pictures because words don’t do it justice, but Kate and I busted out what has become my favorite Karaoke song,(You’re the reason are kids are ugly by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty).  Please click the link to check out how the song goes,  sorry there is no video of us singing it.

Probably the funniest thing about that night was this 70 year old man busting out bringing sexy back, it might be the funniest thing I have ever seen, and he was on the radio several months later, Classic.

The following night Kate and I went on our first date to Sailfish Marina, if you want to know why it took till the following night it was because we both had to end relationships that we were in when we went on the trip.  Now I know what you’re thinking and shame on you.  Nothing inappropriate happened on the mission trip, and we didn’t even talk about dating until the plane ride home, however I told Kate if we were going to date it was going to be exclusive and it wasn’t just going to be this just lets be friends and see what happens kind of thing.  So we could not start our relationship until we had no other commitments.
 So on our first date we went to Sailfish Marina on Singer Island and walked down to the Jetty, and got slurpees.  You really can’t have a first date without slurpees, come on guys.   It was a great night and the first of what became many more dates.  And on that note I think I am going to go get a slurpee.

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  1. so glad we went on that first date - love you!