Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wanna Get Away

I was wondering what was the worst thing that can happen to you at a restaurant is.  I mean I waited tables for years, I’ve dropped chili on people at Chili’s, and I’ve spilled plates down the back of a lady at a 5 star resort in Florida (the Breakers), but until today I am not sure I have every had anything like that happen to me. 

I was at Shane’s Rib Shack with my coworkers, my chicken tenders were considerably late and when the waitress handed the basket to me.  As I was putting it down on the table it clipped my straw in my drink and knocked the cup over into my lap.  I had water all the way down to my shoes, and I looked like someone with a bladder problem who couldn’t find a bathroom.  On the other hand it is a great story to start a blog with and a new way my coworkers can make fun of me.  
So back to the story.
Over the next year LTQENUIKP(in English, Team number four is number one, Peruvian Soda, Pants, just doesn’t work the same) tried it’s best to keep in touch.  Ashley went home to North Carolina, and after several months the 3 of us in south Florida thought we should make a trip to get the group back together. 
We met in Charleston, for a weekend, went on some big military boat, because everyone but me enjoys Museums, continues are love for Karaoke with what I am sure were some embarrassing song. We also had some very good meals including the very nice Magnolia, and another famous one you might have heard of, waffle house.
The second trip we made was too Salisbury, North Carolina the well known town and were the world famous school Catawba is located.  This is also where Kate and Ashley went to school and where they met.  It is a lovely town that is famous for several things, like College BBQ, Tokyo Express, and being the location of where Food Lion started.  It’s funny to think that Kate went to a school in the hometown of a store that I was once banned from for shoplifting (probably should have left that story out, but it’s too late now).
This was pretty much the end of LTQENUIKP, Ashley still lived in NC, Stephen left for Grad School in London, and Kate and I were dating in west palm beach.  I guess we should have known this day would come.  To quote the well known musician Dell Paxton, Ain't no way to keep a band together. Bands come and go. You got to keep on playin', no matter with who”.  So even though we lost LTWENU, Inca Kola and Pantalones kept on truckin (I knew that sounded wrong but I’m going to stick with it). 
I’m going to end at this point, just a short blog today, but you are definitely going to want to tune in tomorrow, you will get to hear the engagement story. 

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  1. We have Inca Kola in Sanford, did Ashley tell you? When y'all come again, we'll take you!