Wednesday, March 7, 2012

15 Days after Surgery

It has been 2 weeks and a day since the surgery.  It is hard to believe that I have been in North Carolina since February 15th (Does anyone else spell February wrong every time they type it, I always forget the first R, and my birthday is in February).  It really seems like yesterday that we got here. 
One of the reasons I wrote this blog was to give people an idea what it is like to donate a kidney so one piece of advice I have for you if you ever go through this process is don’t plan anything else during this time.  I imagine it sounds pretty obvious but when Kate and I realized we would be in NC for almost a month we figured we would be able to take some day trips, maybe head over to charlotte for a night, or the coast/shore for a weekend, but none of that has really been possible.
Some of that didn’t work out because the surgery got backed up a week and Kate had to go home for her show.  Another reason is because Ashley has been in the hospital both before and after the surgery so we wanted to make sure we could visit her and spend time with her while we were up here.
Mostly though I just haven’t felt like traveling, sitting upright for long period of times isn’t my strong suit right now.  The idea of walking around a city or touring something doesn’t sound all that great either, and as Kate has realized that pushing me around in a wheelchair for a couple of hours probably only works when I am taking much more pain medication (and I just thought she was being nice bringing me the pills every 4 to 5 hours.)
All of that being said we are going to take a slow trip back to Florida and maybe spend a couple of nights in a city on the way back.
So we are taking suggestions, please put something in the comments on where we should stop on the way back to Florida.  We have been kicking around a couple of locations which I listed below. Let us know if you think of any we missed.
New Bern, NC – Birthplace of Pepsi, which for me will be known as Brad’s drink from now on, if you know Kate you don’t have to ask why we would be going here.
Savannah, GA – It is right off the interstate and I hear it is a great city.
Wilmington NC – Probably the closest and easiest to get to beach city.
Please write in your favorite we look forward to hearing your suggestions.


  1. I'd absolutely vote for Savannah!!! I love every part of that wonderful city - so much history and beauty and the waterfront is great - not to mention the food is amazing!!!! But -- unless you just go by tour bus, any sight seeing there means a lot of walking, so if you aren't up to that, yet, you might want to just plan a nice long weekend sometime in the future so you can really enjoy it. The tour busses are nice, though - if you get an "on/off" pass, it is a good way to see it all and just get off and wander around a little and get back on the next bus that comes along.

  2. I second Kim's suggestion. While New Bern and Wilmington are nice, you could visit them for a day/overnight trip next time you visit Ashley. Savannah is more of an experience and would be a great treat.

  3. go for Savannah, it's right on your way back home and it is awesome!