Thursday, March 1, 2012

Why no one writes about the Recovery process

I think I have determined why there really is no information about the recovery process on the internet.  It is boring, it is slow, and really there isn’t much to tell.  My family keeps trying to check up on me day after day to make sure everything is ok, but nothing really changes.
I am moving around fairly well on my own, can do most things that I would normally do, but I am still slow. I can’t drive while I am on pain medication; even if I wasn’t taking it my reaction time is probably about 50% of normal. That means without someone taking me around I am pretty much stuck in the house, and unless you are a museum kind of person there is only so much stuff to go and see.  
College Jeremy probably would have thought this was great, watching movies, goofing around on the internet, but at this point in my life it is hard to waste more than 30 minutes on the internet and movies are OK but you start to get bored.  This is going to make me sound like a spoiled rich kid but we have a 55 inch tv at home with surround sound, so the 29 inch crt tv in this apartment isn’t cutting it.
At just over a week from the surgery I feel pretty much like I expected to feel.  The pain is tolerable; I am down to one vicodin at a time instead of two.  I could probably go shoot layups or hit a tennis ball so I feel like I could be active to some extent but it is important to make sure the incision heals and I don’t create any hernias. 
Basically I have become a baby again. I eat, sleep, go to the bathroom, and then start the process all over again, the only difference is I don’t cry to let someone know(Kate might think differently), and I haven’t started wearing a diaper (yet).  I will let you know if it gets to that. 
Sorry today is short; it has been a little bit of a busy day with Kate leaving tomorrow.  That’s right I am running solo for the weekend, don’t worry I have a buddy from college coming to stay with me, it’s a dawgs reunion weekend, (that’s what we called ourselves in college, and no it wasn’t cool then either).

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