Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Kidney Cutie Party: Pictures

The Kidney Cuties

This past Saturday, Kidney Cutie had a little party.  A meet and greet of sorts.  A way for all the family, friends and supports to see Ashley and Jeremy (and of course Jash). 

Jeremy, Ashley and Angie's Mom!

It was a wonderful day.  Filled with great friends and food.  

Ashley's family.... they were also such a blessing the day of the surgery - bringing us yummy food!

Ashley talking with her family

It meant so much to Ashley, Jeremy and I to be able to see so many people who have been praying for us and walking through this journey with us.  Although it was the first time that Jeremy and I were meeting most of the guest, it felt like we were already friends.  One of the great blessings of this blog is that we have been able to share this story so people do feel like they know us.  And it is such a huge blessing for us to know there are so many people reading and supporting us.

Ashley chatting with some of her friends
Ashley and Katlyn

Thank you to everyone who came out for joyous occasion.  We can’t express enough how much your presence and support means to us. 

Ashley and Her High School English Teacher
Jeremy and Jen's boyfriend (can't leave the guys out)

A big THANK YOU to La Dolce Vita Italian Restaurant for hosting the event.

La Dolce Vita - you must try the food.  Great pizza, sandwiches and amazing desserts

And another big THANK YOU to Dandalia Bakery for those yummy mini cupcakes { I wanted to snap a shot of the cute mini cupcakes – but they were gone too quickly} 

Jen, Ashley and Kelly
Ashley with her mom and sister Kelly {wish I had gotten a whole family picture... next time}


  1. Looks like it was a great party. Wish I could have been there!

  2. Ashley and Jeremy both look fantastic! Hard to believe they've just been through major surgery. Happy to keep following the positive updates.