Monday, March 26, 2012

Big Thank You

Saturday Night there was an event held on Palm Beach to help Kate and me, the weather was absolutely amazing it was a chamber of commerce south Florida night, and a great time was had by all. 
The event was put on by the Foundation for CommunityBetterment – Palm Beach County Chapter.  There had to be about 150 people there and they had all kinds of great entertainment, a silent auction, and great appetizers and desserts.  They even had a silent DJ, who had these headphones that everyone put on so they could dance but the rest of us could talk because there was no loud music, what an incredible idea.  Kate and her sister really enjoyed that and the dancing, I didn’t dance so much because of the surgery, at least that is what I am saying really I’m not much of a dancer.

Kate and I had a great night, I got to bust out my Whale Pants (light blue pants with Whales on them that we got on Martha’s Vineyard).  We met a lot of new and interesting people and even got to spend some time with old friends Steve Echelman and Cristina Justamante, not to mention that Kate’s sister Betsy was able to make it out so Kate had a dance partner. 
Thanks Again to the Foundation for Community Betterment for putting this event on for us.

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