Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Update: Back in Florida and Back in Hospital!

Jeremy and I have made it back to Florida!!!!

We are staying the night at his brother's house - with Keith, Stacy, Abby and Maddie dog.  We are thankful for some time with family tonight!

It has been a good drive.  Have made several stops and will start posting some pictures (starting tomorrow morning).  The drive has made Jeremy very sore.  He has gone back to taking the pain killers on a regular basis.  He has been experiencing some pain in his incisions, especially his lower laparoscopic scare.  I know he will be thankful to get home and back to resting.

Unfortunately Ashley's update is not as good.  To bring you up to speed, Ashley has been struggling with stomach pains since her first hospital release.  She was put back in the hospital last weekend due to the pain.  Once she came home and was staying with Jeremy and me, she had some episodes, but we managed them.    This past Friday night and Saturday morning she was experiencing some pain.  But after a long shower and some Gatorade, she was doing better.

At first the doctors and transplant team was attributing the stomach pains to her medications.  Although she has been on several of these pills for years, her body is just now fully absorbing the medications.  With the new kidney, there will be a window of adjustments to figure out the right balance.  Since her pain has continued and escalated, the doctors acknowledge that is more then merely a medication issue.  

Then last night the pain got worse, much worse.  Lee, Ashley's boyfriend, took her to the Sanford ER.  She was there last night until about 4am.  She returned home hoping the worst was over.  But she continued to experience extreme pain, so her father drove her to the UNC ER around 7:30am.

There she was given IV fluids and pain killers.  She was resting comfortably during the day. Around 2pm, the kidney team came by (remember Tuesdays are transplant days - so she had to wait till they were out of surgery).  At that time, Dr. Cotton decided to admit Ashley back into the hospital to run test and get to the bottom of the issue (Dr. Cotton was in both operating rooms, has worked with Ashley and took the picture of Jash!).

Around 4pm Ashley got a room back on 5West - I think she is just trying to rack up frequent visitor points!

The last I talked to her was around 5pm.  She is feeling ok now that they have her on fluids and pain meds.  They already did an X-ray and blood, which both came back clean.  She will have a GI consult soon and continue to have tests until the find the cause of her extreme stomach pains.

Please continue to pray for her heath.  She is feeling good and strong from the kidney, but the stomach pains keep setting her back.  Please pray that the Doctors will have wisdom to diagnoses the problem and find a solution.  We continue to pray that her health improves and that these few setbacks will end.

I will try and make updates along the way ~ so stay tuned!

*Update @ 8pm*  Ashley is now resting in her room.  She is trying to catch up on her sleep and regain her strength.  She is requesting that people wait a day or two before calling her.  I know she has not been up to many phone calls and she is behind on emails and FB messages.  We thank you for your prayers and well wishes.... please just stay tuned to the Kidney Cutie Facebook page and the blog for updates.  Thanks!

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  1. Oh no.... this is not good news. I'm praying! Thanks so much, Kate, for these updates. It really means a lot to us and to Ashley, I am sure.