Sunday, March 4, 2012

Heart & Lung Transplant Luncheon

Today Ashley invited us to the Heat & Lung Transplant Luncheon.  I haven't received or donated any of those so I wasn't quite sure how I fit in but I took Todd with me as my date and we went.

It was an excellent lunch and a much better time than I thought I would have, we got to hear a lot of stories from people who have received transplants and how it impacted there life.  It was a very inspirational luncheon and one of the cool things I took from it was that I really couldn't tell who the recipients were.  I only know this because I was playing a game in my head when we walked in called, guess who has had a transplant and what it was, probably not a great game to play but well I lost anyway so what do you care.

As soon as people started to get up to speak everyone at our table including Daniel the walgreens pharmacist salesperson started egging Ashley and I up there to speak.  Now I know that Ashley is not scared to talk in front of people she is a theater major for goodness sake, but when she looked at me and said I am not going up without you, what was I supposed to do. 

I knew I was going to have to talk and I'm not quite as good a public speaker as Ashley or my wife so I really had no idea what I was going to say.  I was also intimidated by the fact that the heart transplant patient that spoke right before us jumped off the stage.  All I could think the whole time I was walking up was that if he is going to jump off the stage I am going to need to do a backflip off the stage, and I knew Kate was going to kill me if the backflip didn't, so I decided to pass on that. 

We do have video of the speech so make sure you check that out below.


  1. Jeremy was a rock star in that room...