Monday, March 12, 2012

A Dusty Goodbye

Yesterday we said goodbye to Ashley and started our road trip to Florida.  It was a tearful goodbye for Kate and Ashley.  I of course am a man, so although it might have been a little dusty in the room I did not cry.  It has been an emotional month to say the least.
Kate and I did not want to leave until we felt fairly confident that Ashley was doing well on her own. Thursday and Friday were tough days for her; I know she is going to be mad at me for writing this, but we just couldn’t leave with her feeling that bad.
Sunday morning she was doing well enough that we felt it was time for us to start the trip back to Florida.  Emotionally I can’t even start to describe leaving, the bond between us is so strong, and honestly it was like leaving my sister.  Whenever I am around Ashley it helps me to gain a better perspective and to appreciate my life so much more. 
When we left for UNC I was much sadder than I normally would have been.  I have realized the reason was that when I returned to Florida my life was not going to be the same, and there was a very small and unlikely percentage I would not return at all.  I feel that same way when I leave Ashley and, I wish I was able to replicate that feeling with other people in my life.  If only I could realize the importance of every moment we get to spend with the people that are important to us.  It is really sad that it takes health problems and surgeries for me to realize the importance of my relationships.
I will definitely miss the time I have gotten to spend with Ashley and look forward to the next time I get to see her. 

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  1. Your compassion and love have touched so many. Ashley is so easy to love.