Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Breakfast at Tiffany's

Here is the long overdue post that has been keeping you in suspense. ….
Back on Friday the 24th, Jeremy was discharged from the hospital.  Before we left the hospital we walked down to Ashley’s room to bid a final farewell.  

When we were there, a delivery girl arrived with a package for Ashley.  Kelly (Ashley’s sister) and I had received a tip that something might be arriving…. So I peaked at the second box and sure enough it was for Jeremy.

Inside each box were letters - one addressed to Jeremy and Kate, one for Kelly and one for Ashley. 

And wrapped in beautiful tissue were three Tiffany Boxes – The perfect shade of Tiffany Blue with an elegant white bow on top.  

Just like every girls dreams, there were three beautiful Tiffany necklaces…. One or Ashley, Kelly and Kate.  

 We were beyond elated and shocked.  Never could we have imaged such a gift.  And such a generous gift from a stranger. 

 The necklaces were from Tiffany's Elsa Peritti Collection in the Kidney Bean silver pendant 

The necklaces were sent to us by Rob Waters, the director of the Charlotte, NC Tiffany & Co. store.  

These necklaces are a special way for us all to remember this journey we have been on.  I know each one of us will cherish them for a lifetime. 

As Ashley was putting on her necklace, she commented that this is her first piece of Tiffany Jewelry - at what a perfect piece it is.  

 THANK YOU Rob Waters and Tiffany & Co. for your kindness and generosity.  And thank you to the little elves who had more then a little something to do with making this all happen.  You all have made these Kidney Cuties feel very special.


  1. OH MY, what a beautiful gift and wonderful gift of kindness from the Tiffany & Co. I have been reading the post and keeping up with you, but just been quite for a few days. I am so glad to see that everyone is doing so good.

    Hugs and Love, Donna Beasley

  2. That is truly amazing! I'm so glad to hear that everyone is recovering well and that there are still great people in the world who would do something selfless. The necklaces are perfect!