Monday, March 5, 2012

Questions Still being asked, so you don’t have to read the whole blog.

How is Jeremy?
I am doing very well; I got out of the hospital on Friday February 24th 3 days after the surgery just like was expected before the surgery.  The pain has become much more manageable as every day has passed and I am only taking pain medication as needed, not on a regular schedule. I am not allowed to drive until I am off pain medication, and until my reaction time and flexibility get much better.  I went around chapel hill with a friend on Saturday and walked about 10 blocks back and forth so I feel like I am getting closer to being ready to get back to normal.
How is the Kidney (Jash)?
Jash is doing well, he is in Ashley and has been functioning as expected.  Ashley’s kidney function after the kidney transplant was better than her kidney function before her double lung transplant when both of her original kidneys were functioning properly.
How is Ashley?
Ashley was released from the hospital on Saturday February 25th the day after I was as expected.  She has been doing very well and getting back on her feet.  Yesterday there was a small setback as Ashley was taken back to the hospital for dehydration.  She had been having trouble drinking and eating because of nausea.  They have had her on IV for the past day and her reading have been back to normal.  She should be released again on Monday as long as nothing changes.  This is a slight setback but not totally unexpected and we are just glad to catch this quickly, it is a process to get Ashley’s medication correct so she can function correctly.
What is going on at our house, is someone watching it?
We have a family staying at our house named the Gregory’s, I have not met them but they came highly recommended by Kate’s parents and Kate has been in contact with them.  Abby has reported that they are a lot of fun and she likes the kids.  They actually sent us an email of her playing with a ball to rub it in, and they let her swim in the lake so I think she might want to leave with them when we get back, but we will leave it up to her.
Who is mowing his yard?
As long as it’s not me I don’t care.
What is our address?
If you really need it send us an email and we will send it to you, I hesitate to list it on the internet, even though you could probably find it pretty easily.
What is their address in North Carolina?
I would give it our but I would rather nothing be sent here because by the time it gets here we will be gone, so email us for our Florida address and send anything there.
What is the Blog address?
I guess I didn’t need to add this to the blog cause if you are reading it you are already here, but I have been told a lot of people are asking this, it is
Can we have a party at your house?
You would need to call the Gregory’s I’m guessing they probably already have plans.  I know they have already had a women’s dinner for their church last Thursday so we don’t have a problem with it.
Did Kate leave you in North Carolina and go back to Florida?
Yes she did with my encouragement.  She had her biggest show of the spring this weekend and although we had several offers from other people to run the show, no one can run it quite as well as Kate.  I was fortunate to have a friend from college (thanks Todd) come stay with me on Saturday and Sunday so I wasn’t alone.  I don’t need much assistance at this point and it would have been silly for Kate to sit here in the house with me all day when she could be running her show.  Which ended up being a very good show, you can check out her stuff at, or
When is Jeremy going back to work?
The original thought process was 4 to 6 weeks, and my personal goal was to get back by April 1st, and that isn’t an April fool’s joke.  Right now it looks like that should be within range and a definite possibility we will think about that a little more once we get back to Florida and get back into the regular routine.  I will need to be able to drive before I can go back to work.
When are you and Kate coming back to Florida?
We knew all along we would have a follow up appointment 2 weeks after the surgery at UNC Chapel Hill, and that appointment is scheduled for Thursday March 8th.  After that we have a meet and greet scheduled for March 10th in Sanford NC so people that know Ashley and have helped support her can have a chance to meet Kate and I.  We will head back to Florida after that, at minimum spending a night in Jacksonville at my brother’s house.  We should be back either by March 13th or 14th give or take a day.
Can we see you when you get back?

Kate and I haven’t talked about this and we would love to see and talk to everyone, we will let you know what works best.  Please give us a day or two to get settled when we get back, we will have been gone since February 15th and almost a full month by the time we get back.  Don’t worry we aren’t going anywhere so there will be plenty of time to come see us, and we really appreciate all your prayer and support throughout the process.

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