Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Drive Day 1: NC Coast

We started the drive home on Sunday morning – getting on the road around noon (spring forward sets everything back). 

On the drive, Jeremy and I stopped for lunch at Wilber’s BBQ outside of Kinston.  I was glad to have some yummy Carolina BBQ.  And Wilber’s did not disappoint!

We continued to drive to New Bern and checked into our hotel.  We were especially thrilled to have a king size bed again – especially considering we did not even make it a week after our honeymoon before Jeremy woke up and looked at me and said “we are getting a king size bed TODAY”.
We did venture into New Bern to walk around.  Forgetting that it is a small town, most things were already shut down due to it being Sunday after 5pm. 

From there we decided to drive around and wondered over to Morehead City, Atlantic Beach and Beaufort.  

We got out and walked the boardwalk at Atlantic Beach…. It was refreshing to see the beach.  You quickly forget how wonderful it is to be within 10 minutes to the beach.  
Check out our shadow!

I had actually been to Atlantic beach once before in college.  My senior year roommate, Emily, family lived there.  Her mom owns a tea shop and at that time had a location at the beach.  I helped work at Tea by the Sea for the day – I was paid in bubble teas!  

From there we drove down to Beaufort, NC.  Fun fact…. Did you know that both North Carolina and South Carolina have a Beaufort?  Both towns are on the coast, but they are pronounced two different was.  And I have actually spent an Easter at both of them!

It was dinner time and we stopped in Beaufort to eat.  We dined at the Spouter Inn restaurant…. It has to be my favorite restaurant name of all times.  It was also newly renovated with a perfect lime and turquoise color scheme (similar to our own house!).  The restaurant sported beautiful décor, a waterfront view and great food.  I highly recommend the goat cheese salad!

Jeremy was quite wiped from the drive and was experiencing some pain from sitting in the car.  We headed back to the hotel and called it a night!

Tomorrow we will give you a tour of New Bern!

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