Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ashley back home

Ashley is out of the hospital and staying at the apartment with us. 

Starting Sunday night (yes, only a day after being released), Ashley was having nausea and a hard time eating.  Her family and boyfriend Lee were at her apartment and helped her move pass it, but for the remainder of the week it was very difficult for her to eat or drink. On Saturday, almost a week later, she went into the local Sanford ER to be checked out.  They confirmed she was dehydrated and wanted to take every precaution.  Her blood pressure was below normal and it took 3 bags of saline just to get it back into the normal range. So they put her in an ambulance and headed to UNC.  This was actually Ashley's first ambulance ride....her take was that it was a little bit of an overreaction, but everyone would rather be careful.

Once admitted back into UNC, the doctors decided to keep her for several days.  The doctors thought she could have developed C Difficile - a stomach infection common with taking so much medication.  But luckily that was not the case.  After getting her on fluids for the dehydration and modifying her medication, Ashley started to improve. 

Ashley was discharged today around 1pm.  After Jeremy and I picked her up we headed to Maple Dairy Farm for some ice cream.... where she tried to claim her cup of ice cream as counting towards her fluid intake.  She is drinking a bunch of water - I am making sure of it!

We are all back resting at the apartment.  We’ve already watched a moving and are debating on where to go for dinner.

Thanks for the continued prayers!


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  2. You keep her in line Kate. Make her drink lots of water and also have fun with the both of you. You three are the true "Three Amigos".

    Oh I deleted the comment above- I accidentally forgot to sign out of my sisters account and into mine.

  3. Thanks for the update! Glad y'all are ok. XOXO

  4. Make sure Ashley gets the clean bed! ;)


  5. Hahaha Todd... I made sure of it!