Thursday, March 8, 2012

Moving Day: Feb 29th

I am trying to play catch up.... I have either started several posts or thought about them but never completed them.  So I will try and attempt to update the blog.  Sorry, but these might be out of order!

Last Wednesday, Feb 29th became a moving day.  When Jeremy and I made our arrangements for staying in NC, the surgery was scheduled for Valentine's Day.  Since the surgery got pushed back, we have stayed longer then anticipated.  One of the major things that affected was our apartment.  The company we used had already booked another tenant to move in on March 2nd.

So that meant we were "homeless".  I approached the Southern Village apartment complex about renting their guest house - typically only available for people who own/rent in the development.  After hearing our situation, they allowed us to rent the guest house apartment for the remainder of our stay.  Thus moving all of our things a block down the road.  But we are so thankful that we get to stay in the same neighborhood – a great place since it is walking distance to a grocery store and pizza {everything Jeremy needs}

Filling up the car with bags
I spent some of Tuesday and all Wednesday morning packing up our belongings.  And remember how Jeremy always likes to make fun of me for making hotels or apartments home.... well because of that I had things put away everywhere.  I had to go through every draw and closet in the place.  I like having our clothes and things in their right place; it makes me feel more relaxed while there but makes more work while packing up.

Liz with the large awkward box I kept leaving for her!
Around noon, my dear friend Liz arrived from Asheville.  She is a true definition of a friend.  We have been friends since we were 7 or so.  Her family moved to Asheville when we were around 13.  Even living in different states, we have stayed really close friends.  She was one of my bridesmaids (along with Ashley and my 2 sisters).  Liz is also a friend who completely understands what we are going through.  Often I called her for advice or just to complain - she has been through it herself.  Her husband Jonathan was severally burned four years ago and has had something like 37 surgeries.  Jeremy's little kidney surgery is a walk in the park in comparison.  I admire her strength as she has gone through so much. 

who knew we could have so much stuff
So back to the moving day.  Liz came over and jumped right into the moving.  We lugged everything out to our minivan.  Loaded it up.  Drove a block.  Carried it all in the new apartment.  Unpacked everything. Then brought the two "patients" to their new apartment.

And to make her visit even better, Liz changed her CPR class (she is a nurse) so that she could spend the night.  She stayed the night just so she could drive me to the airport first thing in the morning (oh and spend a little extra time with us).

We did treat Liz and Ashley to some great Italian - gluten free at that.

Thanks Liz for helping with moving day... You are a great friend and I am so thankful you are in my life!

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