Saturday, March 10, 2012

Average Day of a Kidney Donor (Much Ado About Nothing)

8:30 AM – Wake Up
9 AM – Take a Shower
9:45 AM – Move out of Apartment after packing up the minivan.
10 AM – Take Ashley to the hospital for blood testing and ultrasound.
10:45 AM – Go to Radiology for Ultrasound
11:45 AM – Head up to transplant clinic to find out results of ultrasound and blood tests.
12 PM – Find out that all of the results for the test are good.  Blood tests are normal and the ultrasound came back clean.
12:20 PM – Get in the Minivan (Have I mentioned that I love minivans) and head down to Ashley’s House in Sanford.
1:15 PM – Lunch at the Dairy Bar in Sanford, Hamburgers and Chicken, which were really good.
2 PM – Refill Vicodin prescription at Walgreens, and restock on Cadbury Chocolate Cream eggs, which are by far the best of the Cadbury Eggs, and might be the best Easter candy available (Reeses Pastel Eggs are also very good).
2:30 PM – Get to Ashley’s House.
2:45 PM – Nap Time
5 PM – Wake up from Nap.
5:15 PM to 7:30 PM – Watched at least 5 episodes of Happy Endings.
7:45 PM – Dinner at Yamatos, steak hibachi, it was a really good dinner.
9 PM – Get back to Ashley’s sit on the couch watch Hell’s Kitchen.
9:40 PM – Ashley’s boyfriend Lee comes over.
After that we will blow up the air mattress and crash at some point, not sure exactly what time but I am up to a deadline for the blog so I have to get my article in.
Ashley compared us to babies:  we eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.  That seems like a good comparison, and is pretty much how we act. 
For the Sanford people we are looking forward to seeing you this afternoon La Dolce Vita at 3PM.
La Dolce Vita
143 Charlotte Ave
Sanford, NC 27330

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  1. Very happy to hear that you both are continuing to do well. Maybe I should Amazon you all a couple of helicopters to pass the time. :)