Wednesday, March 14, 2012


We are home!!!! After a month of being away, it is very nice to be home.

Jeremy did well with the last leg of driving…. Especially after figuring out that the bottom part of the seat-belt is what was causing the pain. 

It was really nice to open up several get well cards.  There were some really sweet ones from Jeremy’s work – so many signatures and well wishes.  Thank you all!

Jeremy already started up the jeep, so he is a happy boy!  Don’t worry he did not drive it far.

Ashley has also been doing well today!  She has had very little pain and no extreme stomach episodes! Praise the Lord!

She has had about 4 bags of fluids, has only eating jell-o and has slept most of the day.  Right now, rest is the best thing for her.   The kidney team has been monitoring her and she had a consult with a GI specialist.  Tomorrow morning she is having an endoscopy and an upper GI biopsy.  Hopefully those two tests will give us a little more direction. 

Thanks again for the prayers and good wishes.  And thank you for understanding that Ashley is not up for talking to people.  She has said she feels a little overwhelmed by phone calls, emails and text and how behind she is on responding to people.  I know you all want to reach out to Ashley to wish her well and check in on her, but she just does not have the energy to communicate right now.   Please know she truly appreciates everyone’s concern and comments.  And we all really appreciate you all being her cheerleaders through this journey.

I will make sure to post another update when we get some news. 

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