Sunday, February 19, 2012

Birthday #37

Today was b-day number 37.  It feels like this should be more exciting since my college baseball number was 37, and I use the number 37 for all my email addresses.  But it is just another birthday and now I am 8 years older than Kate for another 3 months so she will just make fun of how old I am. 
It was a very good birthday though, I am really bad at receiving presents but Kate did an amazing job this year.  She called John’s Roast Pork, which is the best cheese steak place in Philadelphia hands down (I don’t care what you say Geno’s and Pat’s fans, it’s not even close).  It is this small mom and pop shop that is only open on weekdays and they close when they run out of meat or bread (this usually happens by 2pm).  Did I mention that the roast pork sandwich is probably better than the cheese steak.
Kate contacted them to see if they would send the Steaks down to North Carolina because she wouldn’t let me drive up to Philly after the surgery.  They told her they had never done it before, but somehow she talked them into it and we were the first ever to receive frozen steaks and roast pork sandwiches from Johns Roast Pork.  Thank you so much Bethany and Brittany, and thank you Kate it was a great Birthday present and something I had been wanting for a long time.
Today I also went golfing at Hyland Hills in southern pines North Carolina which is fairly close to Pinehurst.  Ashley’s friend Lee took me golfing there, he set up the tee time, I asked for a place that was hilly since I only play in Florida (the flatland).  I was not disappointed it was a very nice course and had lots of elevation changes.  The course was incredibly full, we were backed up at least 3 groups on a tee 3 times and the round took over 5 hours.
I had never met Lee before today so was not sure what to expect but he was a very nice guy and we had a very good round of golf.  We also paired up with Curtis and Bill, Curtis was a Green Beret at Fort Bragg and Bill was his father in law.  Bill was in town visiting as they were expecting their first child in the next nine months (I don’t remember the timing). 
We paired up with them on the 3rd hole while waiting to tee off.  I was wondering how long it would take for the Kidney donation to come up.  It seriously wasn’t more than 5 minutes, maybe the 3rd or 4th question they asked was how do you two know each other, and at that point there was no avoiding it, we know each other because I am donated a kidney to Ashley.  They were very nice about it and complimentary, for some reason it seemed surprising for someone who is sacrificing their life for their country to be surprised about someone donating a kidney. 
It has been a great birthday, I didn’t know what to think my birthday would look like being so close to the surgery, but it really has been a good time.  Tomorrow we head to Virginia and I hear there is a possibility of snow so I am really excited about that.

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