Monday, February 20, 2012


Kate and I had really hoped we would get to see some snow when we came up for the surgery, and for those of you who have been following the blog you know I wanted to go skiing (didn’t happen, too dangerous).  Considering I went golfing yesterday in 65 degree weather it seemed a long shot that we would get any, but when we were at the course some of the people where talking about a big temperature drop the next day.  They said it might not snow in here but a little north.
It turned out that Kate and I were scheduled to go 6 miles into Virginia the next day for an engagement party of a friend who lives in Florida but is from Virginia   and happens to be there this week.  When we left Ashley at the hospital last night her last request was that we don’t’ get stuck there.  I thought to myself now that is stupid why would we get stuck there (that’s right I’m from Florida and have no respect for snow).  They moved the party from 3 to 2 so people would be able to get home earlier.  We had planned on showing up at 2 anyway so this was fine for us.
The whole ride there it was raining, and visibility was bad, and around 2:45 it started to snow.  Kate and I were the only ones excited we went outside and took pictures and well we were just like a couple of kids.  It must be how we feel when people see the beach in Florida and get excited, or Disney World.  But we loved it, a couple of people left at about 3:15 or so to beat the snow, and I was thinking to myself what’s the big deal, and they assured me we would be fine because we were going south.
So when we finally left at 4:15 there was about 2 inches of snow on our car. 
At first we were still in the wow snow phase of our adventure until we realized that what was a 2 hour drive on the way up was about to become considerably longer and much more dangerous on the way back.  At least we didn’t have to travel on very many 2 lane roads but what were 4 lane 65 mile hour roads became 2 lane 25 mile hour roads very quickly with a line of cars, and several cars off to the side of the road where they had slid (we must have seen 20 cars on the side of the road and 1 on its side). 
Long story short we made it back and hour later than expected to dinner with my family.  Had a great time at the very nice engagement party and if we had left any later we might not have made it back last night (at least that is what they said when we called to let them know we made it back).
One other note from the day, if you are ever in Chapel Hill there is a dairy farm 15 minutes away called Maple View Dairy Farm, they have the best chocolate milk, and amazing ice cream, try the cookies and cream, or cookie dough and it is worth the trip.  I love this place.
I wish I could finish the blog there but there is one more story, after dinner we had to take my dad to the veteran’s hospital (he is fine now) but when we went out of the hotel room to leave once again it was snowing.  We Floridians really aren’t very good at driving in snow even though we like to see it, so it took probably a half hour for a 15 minute drive.  We were there for about an hour and a half and they took care of everything and it was really a blessing it happened when it did, and not later in the week, and something he thought he was going to have to have surgery on looks like it cleared itself out, so we are very thankful for that.   He told me I didn’t have to go, but I figured they were going to be spending a lot of time in the hospital for me so it was the least I could do.
Well I don’t know about you but I have a full day of surgery prep which should be exciting.  So next I guess we will see you on the other side of the surgery.

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