Thursday, February 9, 2012

Positive Attitude

The problem with writing a blog after the fact is you are more apt to remember the frustrating parts then the good parts of the story.  I really should have written some of this down along the way to have a better perspective; I have felt like the last few blogs have had a little too much complaining in them.  So I apologize for that and I will work harder to be a glass half full guy.
Once we told work we were able to start telling everyone I had a surprising realization.  I didn’t like talking to people about donating a kidney.  My friend Steve found out I was having a surgery because Kate does a show he is in charge of and she couldn’t commit to it because we weren’t sure of the surgery date.  He called me to make sure everything was ok , and it took me 4 days to respond because I really didn’t want to talk about it.
I have gotten better, and this is once again a weird thing to say considering I am writing a blog about this, but the blog actually helps because I can tell the whole story to multiple people at once.  Even the past two days I have had three people talk to me about it for the first time, and one of them said they thought it was a great thing that I was doing.   The only way you can respond is to say thank you, but it doesn’t feel exactly comfortable.  The other two said congratulations?  Congratulations, seriously congratulations, now I’m sorry if either of you guys are reading this, but how am I supposed to respond to that.  Thank you we are hoping it is a boy kidney.
One of the silver linings of this surgery, besides Ashley getting a healthy kidney, is that I get to work on my problem with accepting compliments.  I am still terrible at it, but at least I am getting a lot of practice.
One last update before I call it a night, If the insurance does not approve me by Friday we might lose are apartment we had reserved so we really could use some prayer for insurance to make a decision, and for an apartment to open up for us.  Kate and I really appreciate all the prayers. 

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