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*** Got this nice surprise in my in-box today.  JAB is an online newsletter for women and has become a great resource.  It is through JAB that Jeremy and I were able to find our apartment here in Chapel Hill.  They have featured a couple of blurbs following our story and then did this feature today.  Thanks Ashley S. for all the support.  If you want to learn more about JAB click here ***

We are pleased to bring you a regular feature called JAB Spotlight, in which we introduce you to a special individual who has made a profound difference in our community and in our world.

Barefoot Princess
Ashley & Jeremy 
Spotlight On: Jeremy Morris
Our inaugural spotlight is actually on JABBER Kate Merrill Morris' husband, Jeremy (an honorary JABBER if we ever saw one). Many of you have been following the story of the West Palm Beach couple since they first posted on JustAskBoo that they were looking for temporary housing in North Carolina while Jeremy donated a kidney to Kate's best friend. Yes, you read that right. He gave her an organ. It was his (and Kate's) idea. And they never once doubted that it was the right thing to do.

After receiving a double lung transplant in 2001 to correct complications from Cystic Fibrosis, the medications vital to keeping Ashley Quinones' new lungs healthy have had a damaging effect on her kidneys. Jeremy and Kate first started the kidney donation process in the Fall of 2010, and it has taken over a year to get the various medical and insurance approvals they needed - including overturning an initial denial for the surgery by Ashley's insurance company.

A week ago today marked the transplant, and I am thrilled to report that the surgery was "textbook" according to their doctors. Both patients were discharged after reaching all their recovery milestones on target, and are recuperating at home. Knowing Kate on a personal level for many years, I wasn't too surprised she and Jeremy went down this path. Regardless, reading their thoughts on the decision to donate, and seeing how their faith in God comforted them on their journey, was truly inspirational. On behalf of JABBERs across the country who have been rooting for you, we wish you a continued healthful recovery and salute you for this selfless and loving act of friendship and faith.

Oh, and if you were wondering, a JABBER did help them find the perfect apartment in Chapel Hill - as if there was any question that one of you would come through for them! For more of their story, click HERE.

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