Friday, February 24, 2012

Recovery Day 2 Recap

All the days are starting to run together…. I am not even sure what day of the week we are on (but I do know that today  is my sister’s birthday – Happy Birthday Betsy!  You’re a great Big Sis!)

So excuse me if I repeat the updates or miss something.  It has been hard for me to make timely updates because there is so much going on.  But here we go.

·         Made 6 laps around the hall
·         IV removed
·         Pain Pump removed
·         Is eating full meals
·         Pain meds were switched and he is doing great… really this has been his big turning point.  He looking and acting like his normal self with the better fitting pain medication
·         He got dressed and brushed his teeth (I am thankful for that)
·         His outer bandages were removed
·         Walked without assistance
·         Took a shower last night
·         He visited Ashley and was reunited with Jash
·         Sat through an interview and photo session
·         Got the clearance for Friday discharge
·         And got a much better night’s sleep last night

·         Woke up on the 5th floor!
·         Moved off the Pain Pump
·         No more need for heart and blood pressure monitor
·         Pain management under control
·         Had a BM movement
·         Was able to move to the chair
·         Was reunited with Jeremy
·         Ate full meals
·         Press interview and photos
·         Visited with LOTS of friends and family
·         Was able to get a good night’s rest
·         WALKED!!!!  This was a BIG one.  She walked a lap around the hall.
·         Accomplished goals for the day: walk laps around the floor, transition to breakthrough pain management, drink more water
·         Set recovery day 3 goals


  1. Incredible. What a difference a few days makes! I hope that team of doctors, nurses, & support staff are getting plenty of pats on the back - along with all the helpers there joining in.

    Such wonderful news.

  2. I am so happy for everyone and still keeping up with you from afar.

    Daily Dose of Hugs, Donna Beasley