Friday, February 24, 2012

Discharge Day

Jeremy was discharged today!!!

Like every other day in the hospital, it started by multiple doctors visiting.  Dr. Watson, the surgeon, came and spied on us... he could not have been more pleased with how Jeremy's wounds looked and how he is recovering.  After the entire transplant team came around, they put the orders in for Jeremy's discharge. 

A little while later, Jeremy's prescriptions were ready, so I took the long walk to pharmacy on the opposite end of the hospital.  While I was in the long wait to receive the medications, Jeremy texted and said they discharged him!  I must admit it was happening all a little too fast for me.  But I rushed back up to the room and luckily found Jeremy's parents had packed up most of everything.

Before we wheeled Jeremy out, we decided to say goodbye to Ashley.  It was bittersweet to leave the hospital, especially leaving Ashley.  The departing moment was made even more special when we received a surprise... a very special gift.  I promise to post pictures and all the details.  But this gift deserves its own entire blog post (yes, it is that great).  So I will just make you wait in suspense {I know, such a tease}.

Back to the discharge.  Jeremy's parents brought him down when I brought the car around.  I had planned on posting all the pictures, but smart little me forgot to put the memory card in the camera – sadly no photo documentation.

Once we got to the apartment, Jeremy and I both crashed!  His parents came and help us move all our things into the house.  After lying on the couch for quite a while, we took a short walk.  Jeremy is now napping and I am going to do some unpacking.

I have lots of pictures and posts to publish.  I think I have already 3 or 4 in the works.  With all the commotion at the hospital, there was just little time to get it all done.  But I promise they are all on their way (just maybe a little out of sequential order).

Thanks again for all your prayers.

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  1. Glad you are both resting in the comfort of a room that is not in a hospital. Tell him to take it easy and rest alot. He deserves that and so much more. You both are so inspiring.