Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rock Star Status

Jeremy is a rock star.  As of last night he had reached all his major milestones. 
1. sitting up
2. walking
3. pee on his own (there is that word again)
4. BM (as it is called in the "business") movement
5. gas
6. pain control
7. eating liquids

He made it through the night.  He was a little uncomfortable - after surgery there is a bunch of gas in your body because they fill you with air to help move things around.  So it is typical to feel blotted and gassy after the surgery.

Being the true Jeremy he is, Jeremy got up alone several times in the middle of the night to use the bathroom (I was there but with ear plugs in).  He is already proving he can take care of himself - which is a good thing.

So by 6am he was up and feeling uncomfortable and being sick of his bed.  So we took 2 laps around the hall!  He sat in his chair for a while. and then decided it was back to bed (and I took advantage of some more sleep too). 

Around 9am the transplant surgical team came around.  They are overly pleased with Jeremy's progress!!!!!!  wooooohoooooo.  They are happy he has hit all his goals (read above) and think he is doing great.  They have switched him to solid foods, in moderation.  The IV and pain pump are going away.  We are changing oral pain killers to find a better fit.  They want him to keep up what he is doing.  And said he will be discharged tomorrow for sure!

We LOVE this good report. 

I have not been down to see Ashley yet.  Late last night she was moved to Jeremy's floor - room 5207.  I was able to spend some time with her was Jeremy was fast asleep.  They have not been able to see each other yet, but it is on the agenda for today. 

Ashley still needs to get up and walk around.  She is feeling a little weak on her feet.  Please pray for her strength and confidence as she takes those first few steps.

Thank you for going through this surgery and recovery with us.  It has been a blessing to me to share it along the way.  Through this whole experience, Jeremy and I have had such great peace and confidence. And I know that it has been God’s faithfulness that has led us through it.  We have a big God who has protected every step of the way. 


  1. YEAH JEREMY.............ATTA BOY...

    Hugs and Love, Donna Beasley

    ps....You can ask Kelly, I am really a hugger..

  2. YAHOOOOO! Really exciting and awesome news. So glad you are updating us often. xo ~Amy (sis)