Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update: 11:00am

We got an update a little before 10am .  Jeremy's in hospital kidney coordinator, Erin, came in and talked with us.  She will be our go to person for as long as Jeremy is in the hospital.  She gave us the run down of the rest of the day and started the process of getting all the medications he needs.

The coordinator also gave us an update that the surgery is going really well.  They work on the dissection (working to remove the kidney) before they move forward with Ashley.  Erin said that is was moving really fast - which is a great sign. 

Then around 10am, they allowed me to go back and see Ashley.  At first I did not think I would be allowed, so I was so happy to see her.  We gave each other the biggest hug {and shared some tears}.  She was looking really good and ready for the surgery.  It really was so great for me to see Ashley - just what I needed.  This day has so much involved for me.  I am concerned for my husband and anxious to know he is safe.  But I am also overly joyed that my best friend is going to be healthy again.

I keep taking refuge in the Lord - I know he is protecting both Ashley and Jeremy during surgery.

Make sure to scroll down and read the other posts from today (4 I think).  I will keep posting through out the surgery and day.... so check in again.

oh and we would love to hear comments of those who are praying for us... it is such an encouragement to us all. 


  1. you can do it, kate! i am here with you today! so proud of you - you are doing awesome!

    1. words can't say how much I have appreciated your encouragement.