Sunday, February 12, 2012

Thursday Night Group

Since Jeremy wrote about his men’s bible study yesterday, I decided to talk about our co-ed group on Thursday nights.  We really have been blessed to welcome in so many wonderful people.  Our Thursday night group has become our family.  Jeremy and I first started the group when we were just dating.  There were little to no places for “young” singles to get together.  So Jeremy opened up his home and I started cooking – food really is the only way to pull people in!  And we have been hosting and cooking every week.

 People always ask us why we continuously cook dinner for our groups (that is two meals a week for at least 8-15 people each time).  Well, we know that people come together over a meal.  It is hard enough to walk into a bible study, or any new group for that matter, and sit right down, open up and dive into the Bible.  You have to build relationships first.  So we do that over dinner.  Plus, we have been reminded of this many times over, for several of the people that join us each week, that meal is the best homemade food they will get all week.  And well let’s be honest, I love to cook!  And I am glad everyone is ok with me experimenting new recipes on them.  The only down side of cooking for groups; I really don’t know how to make a small quantity.  We notoriously have too much food.  But I have also become an expert at reinventing leftovers (now my mom asks when we invite them over – “is this a first time cooked meal or are you all just using up food?” – love you mom).

Just like the men’s group, this group has really changed over time.  Even though some of the faces have changed, we still have cherished each and everyone one that joins us.  The group has become our second family, our friends, the ones who pray for us and the ones we pray for.  Many times, the people in our group also join in our mission trip to Peru. (Not that we have any influence on them.  Oh no, we would never pressure anyone.)   We really are blessed to walk through life together.

We have been so thankful for them during this whole kidney donation time.  Back in December, we called a “family meeting” for our group.  We had cancelled the whole month of November due to my travel schedule.  Moving forward, Jeremy and I knew we would be out for the surgery.  So we suggested canceling the group until after the surgery.  But everyone was devoted and offered to step up and take the hosting responsibilities.  Since January, Courtney and Julia have been cooking and hosting the group.  It has been such an enormous blessing to have them temporarily take over the group.  Really I can’t thank all of them enough for what they have done – giving advice, listen to us during the stressful times, praying and being supportive through it all.  

This last Thursday they surprised us with a goodie bag for NC.  This just shows how great they are.  They outfitted us with some treats for the surgery and our stay.  

A big hug and thank you to our group…. The loyal crowd – Julia, Courtney, Ben, LaWanda and Amanda.  And our new comers (who we love) – Kim, Mike, Erick, Rachel and Marie.  We love you guys. 

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