Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Update: Recovery Day 1

Update: It has been a busy day for Kidney Cutie. Lots of doctors and lots of visitors - now lots of sleeping.

Last night I got to spend the night in Jeremy's room, so I have been able to stay with him the whole.  We had several nurse visits throughout the night.  The transplant team arrived at 7:30am.  They gave a good report of the surgery and they are happy with how he is doing. 

From about 7:30am on we have been nonstop.  The surgical team also came up - good report.  Dr. Watson, Jeremy's surgeon dropped in to "spy" on him.  He was happy with the surgery and was glad to see him doing so well.  

My parents also arrived for a visit.  They left today, so they wanted to spend some time with Jeremy before they headed out of town.  Shortly afterward, Jeremy's parents and brother got to the hospital.  About that time my parents and I scooted up to Ashley's room.

We have a GREAT report from Ashley.  I am so very excited to say, the kidney is doing beautifully.  The kidney is producing a large quantity of urine (the main function of the kidney).  The production of urine is the first sign that the kidney is working.  I think only in this scenario is it joyous to talk about pee!  Ashley has gone from barely going to the bathroom once or twice a day…. To producing a higher than normal level of pee (which is expected after transplant).  Gradually her body will equal out as the kidney continues to function properly.  Besides all the exciting pee news, we have other great stats

Blood pressure is also directly linked to the kidneys.  Many of you remember us posting that Ashley's blood pressure had gotten really high - around 197 over something (I can't remember all the numbers people – there are just too many).  Well when she was in the hospital they were able to reduce her BP to 115 with medication and rest.  This morning her PB was 105 WITHOUT medication.  This is when we jump up and down and shout YIPPPEEEE.

And the news keeps getting better.  Ashley had developed mild diabetes some time before the surgery.  This morning they were going to give her insulin as usual, but Ashley asked them to wait 30 minutes to see how her body worked without it.  When I got up there, her sugar levels had dropped to 124 WITHOUT insulin - that is really close to a normal range.  Hallelujah, this is such great progress!

*disclaimer – don’t quote me on all these numbers.  Ashley was not awake for me to confirm.  There is so much to remember… but main thing is it is good news*

Back on our front:  Our day has been full of visits from nurses, coordinators and doctors {hence why I can’t get any updates posted}.  In addition to all that activity, Jeremy sat up in a chair for an hour or two.  He was also able to eat some clear broth.  And then around 1ish Jeremy took a lap around the hall.  He kept a really good pace (and was only smiling on the inside).  

Jeremy is in high spirits and overall doing really well.  Like I expected, he wants to try and do things himself.  Not sure how much I will even get to play nurse.  We have a few milestones to hit before we can go home, but the best thing is that he is on the mend and going to make a full recovery.  

We are still so thankful to all the surgeons and doctors that worked their magic on these two very special Kidney Cuties.  Today is a happy day.

All Smiles with the BEST anesthesiologist around!!!!  He was in the operating room with both Ashely and Jeremy. 

 More updates to come. 


  1. Thanks for all the updates Kate. Glad to hear Jeremy and Ashley are doing so well! Do you know approx. how much longer Jeremy will be in the hospital for? Please let him know his SFWMD famiy is thinking about him and wishing him a speedy recovery!

    1. Jeremy should be discharged on Friday. He is in room 5217. We will stay in NC for another 2 weeks until he has his follow up.
      I will let him know you wrote - He will really appreciate it. thanks so much for the well wishes.

  2. Hi Kate and Jeremy

    Jeremy will leave the hospital this Friday? Wow, it is amazing what the medical field can do, but they work for the Lord and we know what he can do. Just wanted to give you my daily hello and tell you how much I enjoy your blog and I have been keeping up with it since way before the surgery. I am so happy for everyone up there and it is such a relief that it is over and the healing is onnnn.

    Hugs and Love. Donna Beasley

  3. Kate,

    I work with Jeremy and would like to send my well wishes. Your blog is wonderful and inspirational. I really enjoy reading it from day to day. He looks great. Good thoughts are coming your way.

    Susie Campbell