Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Working Saturday

Kate says I don’t have to blog on the weekend, and now with the surgery backed up to the 21st I probably have plenty of time to finish the story before then so I don’t have to.  Today I have to work, I had to be in at 6:30 and we have an hour drive to Miami to work from our DR site, this gives me plenty of time to write today’s entry while we are in the vans on the way down, but at the same time I really might not be able to concentrate with Billy’s driving.
One other point I will make about writing a blog and pretty much anything else you decide to do in your life is you have to set priorities.  Kate was dying to get out of the house last night, she works from home so when I come home and am just ready to be lazy and sit around she is ready to get up and do something.  So when she texts me midway through the day on a Friday and says she needs to get out of the house, It is not an option to tell her that I can’t because I need to write a blog entry. 
Last night we went out to a place called Longboard’s on Clematis Street, I had bought a groupon so we had $40 dollars to spend on dinner.  It was nice to get out we have been trying to eat better since the beginning of the year and hadn’t eaten out much.   The food was excellent, Kate got the lobster and I got the Mahi, we both stayed away from Potato’s as a side which is pretty impressive for us, and I got Alfalfa sprouts which I had never had before in my life, they had some bacon mixed in so they weren’t bad. 
While we were at dinner we bumped into Becky from church (I know she reads so I figured I would drop the name), but the reason I bring it up is because she offered to run Kate’s show if we are in North Carolina during that time, which really was a huge blessing, especially considering some of the other conversations I had and how I was feeling at the time.  Kate also told me that Julia offered to help on Saturday and Sunday so it looks like Kate might not have to return for that show.  I am just so thankful that we have a network of people that are so generous and available to help.
I’m going to keep today’s entry a little short so I’m not going to get into the next part of the story until a little later  Kate and I spent the holidays at my brother’s house in Jacksonville.  Keith and Stacy did a great job of hosting and all of the food was delicious.  I’m not sure I have ever seen so many presents but Niece Abby (I have to do that because we have a dog named Abby) was really excited about all of them, and it was really fun to see her so excited about all her presents.
Why do we have a dog with the same name as our niece?
Good question and I will admit that Niece Abby came before dog Abby.  Kate and  I rescued Dog Abby from a family that was going through a divorce, about 3 years ago.  She was a 6 year old dog at the time and her name was Abby already.  We knew it would be confusing but we really couldn’t come up with a good name to change it to, and it seemed mean to change a dog’s name after 6 years that was going on its 3rd family, we thought she could use some stability.  But don’t get me wrong, anytime I am around my Niece and I have to yell at the dog she gets really confused and I feel really guilty. 
Tomorrow I will touch on the next stumbling block we come across, I will have to see a new nephrologists in January.

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