Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update: 8am

We arrived at the hospital just before 6am this morning.  Both my family and Jeremy's family arrived bright and early with us. 
We checked in at 6am and almost immediately they took Jeremy and me in the back.  We were taken back into the surgery prep area.  Basically it is a large U shaped room with mini rooms/stations for people to be prepared for surgery.  While we were in there, the entire room was filled with people.  By the time I left, there was no one else left. 
During the hour and a half prep for surgery we were visited by a variety of Doctors.  We met with the surgeon, an English man, and found out the scar will be about 4 inches in his center abdomen.  We also met with the surgeon assitant who made sure it was not too late to change our mind and cancel the surgery.  The transplant surgeon, nurse, anesthesiologist, 2 residents and a few other people came in.  They all asked the same questions and made sure all of our questions were answered. 

At 7:30am they allowed me to say a final goodbye and kiss.  They wheeled him back and started the surgery.

Jeremy and I were able to spend some time together last night and this morning.  We prayed together and really were able to connect before the surgery.  We both feel an overwelming peace that we know only God could provide.  We both feel confident about the surgery and are prepared for everything to happen.

The surgery will be about 5 hours.  They will take Ashley back around 9:30am.  We will not get any word or update until about 12:30 or 1pm. 

We would really appreciate your continued prayer.  We know that only our faith in God will give us the strength to get through today.  And we really appreciate having such a strong group of friends and family supporting us. 

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  1. Just now reading, but we were praying today.