Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update: Kidney Cutie Success

Jeremy is in his own room!!!!  And Ashley is in the recovery room!!!!!

Jeremy is doing great.  He is talking, asking questions (1st Q - how is Ashely. 2nd Q - what time is it!) and responsive.  He is mostly just tired.  He is snoring away as I type.  He is doing ok with the pain - said it is about a 6.

Everyone is super helpful and nice.  We are glad to be able to sit with him in our own space.

Ashley did great.  She is OUT of Surgery!!!!  Ashley's mom and dad were just able to go back and see her.  She is coherent and smiling!  The nurses want her to have a little more time before visitors and then they will move her to her own room. 

We are blessed beyond words.  Both families are filled with joy.  Even now, I have tears of happiness.  This has been an amazing DAY and EXPERIENCE. I have not fully processed the magnitude of all the events yet... but I do know I am so proud to have a husband who sacrificed himself for our dear friend.  And furthermore, I am blown away for the out pouring of love from so many people - Ashley's family has gone above and beyond to fill every need, make us feel comfortable and let us know how much they appreciate us.  The entire community in NC and Kidney Cutie have embraced us and poured out their support.  There has been so many people we don't even know that have touched our lives.  And our friends, oh our friends have been tremendous prayer warriors and supports.  And really there is no way Jeremy and I could have made it through this day without our family.   Thank you for going through this with us - I just wish and hope and pray that our experience has somehow touched your life, because you all have forever changed ours! 


  1. Hi Katie & Jeremy,

    I am a blogging friend of Ashley's sister Kelly. I have been following Ashley's story for the past several months and just wanted to say how moved I am by your generosity. Thank you for the tremendous gift you have given Ashley and for being such models of selfless kindness.

    May the gifts you have given others come back to you tenfold!

  2. HI Kate and Jeremy, it's Donna Beasley again. I have been reading all the post and one minute I am smiling/laughing and then crying in the blog that Jeremy wrote to the family and friends before he went into surgery. This has been a very emotional day for me, the waiting is the worse (as Jeremey said) and I was sitting here looking at the facebook page waiting for info. When the info came thru that all was well, I am surprised you could not hear my scream from there. And when the pictures started coming thru that was it for me the tears really rolled. God is so Good all the time. Hugs to both of you.

    Love, Donna