Friday, February 17, 2012

Day at the hospital

Today we spent the day at the hospital with Ashley.
This is Jeremy keeping himself entertained.
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  1. Kate and Jeremy,

    We are so Blessed to have you both, I have only been a friend of Kelly and Ashley since April 2011 and they feel like family to me, I can't imagine the friendship you all have. I just want to say thank you for all of us friends out here that love Ashley so much.

    Do you need anything else for the apartment, I told someone I had a fan if you still need one and will try to help with anything else or at least try to find it for you. After Jeremy gets home and feels like eating I would like to give you a gift card for a resturant over there for whatever he feels like eating. Please let me know what his favorite resturant is so I can get that to you. If I were closer to the hospital I would offer to cook several meals for you, but I am in Broadway, close to where Ashleys mother lives.

    On the 21st I am going to ask everyone on my facebook site to make it a day of Prayer for Ashley, Jeremy, family and friends. If you would like to also post that.

    Again THANK YOU for loving my friend.

    Hugs and Love, Donna Beasley

    Facebook is Donna Beasley
    phones Cell 910 391 9718
    Home 919 258 6205

    1. Thank you so much Donna. Your note is so sweet. I think we will take you up on the fan offer - not sure the arrangements on picking them up, but we will make it work. Thanks again.